18" Magnetic Nova Laps by Diamond Pacific

Category: 18" Laps, 18" Diamond Discs Magnetic backed


Magnetic Nova Laps have a 1⁄16"" thick backing of solid rubber containing magnetized iron particles so the laps will adhere to a cast iron, steel or nickel plated lap. The rubber is coated with a thick layer of our special Nova resin-bond diamond formula for fast action and lasting service. The surface is made with a grid pattern for better performance. You can use the Magnetic Novas on your present flat lap setup in most cases, but they will not work on aluminum or diamond coated discs. If your lap set-up will accommodate an attachment using a 1⁄4""-20 bolt (such as on the Genie, Titan and Pixie), then you can use one of the special back plates. These steel faced back plates along with the Magnetic Novas will give you a non-interrupted polishing surface for maximum efficiency. Our recommended general purpose grit sequence for sanding and polishing most flats, especially on the Diamond RLD machines is 60, 280, 600 and 1200 grits, followed by our super Premium Cerium Oxide Polish on a felt pad. We also recommend the use of a 60 grit Diamond Plated Disc to precede the 60 grit Magnetic Nova for those slab surfaces with deep saw marks or other features requiring grinding preparation. Other grit sequences can be used with excellent results depending on the materials to be polished.

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