3-Bar Variable Speed Tumbler Base - Rotary Tumblers

3-Bar Variable Speed Tumbler Base (TL-3-Var)

3-Bar Variable Speed Tumbler Base (TL-3-Var)

Price: $1,495
3-Bar Variable Speed Tumbler Base.

Barrels sold separately.

All of Toplines tumbler barrel bases include the following features:
•Gloss white, high quality reinforced fiberglass base.
•Wet or dry tumbling. Made for industrial use.
•Solid steel bars, cast in urethane and precision ground.
•Available in 110v @ 60 Hz or for export 220v @ 50 Hz.
•Available in two speed or variable speed.
•Great for deburring small parts. Easy to separate.
•Do steel ball burnishing at a very low cost.
•Can run different size barrels at the same time.
•We can build any of these machines with special bar spacing to accommodate your barrels at no extra charge.
Made in the USA.

Dimensions: Length 36″ x Width 19″ x Height 13″
Bar Length: 24″
Inside Bar Spacing: 3.5″
Motor: 1/3HP – RPM 1725/1140

Available in 110v @ 60Hz or 220v @ 50Hz

The bar diameter is one inch. It turns at 467 RPM on low and 707 RPM on high. See barrel chart below for the exact RPM each barrel would rotate on HI or LOW speed.

Ship from the manufacturer.

Photo shown: Three bar machine with eight TL-1 barrels. Barrels sold separately