Double Barrel Lot-O-Tumbler - Vibrating Tumblers

Double Barrel Lot-O-Tumbler (Lot-O-2)

Double Barrel Lot-O-Tumbler (Lot-O-2)

Price: $314 Regular Price: $329.95

Lot-O-Tumblers can process a barrel of semiprecious stones in 5 to 7 days, from rough grind to polishing. The barrel has a 2-1/4” opening and can grind and polish any stone that fits thru the opening. The Lot-O-Tumbler is very frugal with the grit and polish you need to use. The amount of grit and polish you use is much less than a rotatory tumbler and will only cost about $1 a load from start to finish. You can also do castings, brass shells and any other item you would run in a tumbler.

The capacity of the tumbler is 4.5 lbs.

The shipping weight is 11 lbs.