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Slab Grabbers (Slab Grabbers)

Slab Grabbers (Slab Grabbers)

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3" Posts and 5" Posts Slab Grabber

Made to get the Slabs left in the nub-ends.
One slab saved, usually pays for the SLAB-Grabber.
Chucks level and parallel in your saw vise for unuform slices.
Made of aluminum for blade safety, and positive nub holding.
Made in the USA.

11" Posts Slab Grabber

The larger version of the famous Slab Grabber introduced by Rock's many years ago. The 11" model will hold slabs in wide range of sizes: 3" to 11" in diameter. It will also hold those more common odd shapes as there are 12 different spots for locating the holding studs. Made of aluminum for blade safety.

Made in the USA.

3" Slab Grabber (#80050.)

Price: $20.95

5" Slab Grabber (#80051.)

Price: $22.95

11" Slab Grabber (#80052.)

Price: $53.95