Tumble-Bee 1 x 2lb - Rotary Tumblers

Tumble-Bee 1 x 2lb (TB-12)

Tumble-Bee 1 x 2lb (TB-12)

Price: $69 Regular Price: $79

Introducing the newest rock tumbler available today, the Tumble-Bee. With industry leading designs and features, the Tumble-Bee is a durable, modernized rock tumbler that is very user-friendly and easy to use.

Made of ABS plastic with a metal reinforced bottom, the Tumble-Bee housing is rust-free and free of sharp edges. Built-in barrel guides keep your barrels running true while you tumble. The included barrel is made with high quality rubber and easy to open and close.

Key features

Non-slip timing belt: The grooved design in the Tumble-Bee’s timing belt prevents it from slipping off the pulleys, keeping your rock tumbler tumbling smoothly. It’s also made of strong polyurethane with embedded polyester fibers to reinforce the belt’s shape and to prevent the belt from splitting. Tumble-Bee is the only rock tumbler available on the market with this advanced feature.

On/off power switch: The lighted power switch easily indicates if the Tumble-Bee is on or off, preventing you plugging/unplugging before and after use. While this might seem like a no-brainer, many tumbler manufactures skimp on this simple feature.

Shielded moving parts: The motor and pulleys are shielded with a motor cover for your safety.

Included with the Tumble-Bee 1×2